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(C) Novitech
with support
 of  prof. T. Koulopoulos - author of the "Innovation Zone" concept


in Novitech

New rules for better collaboration in the Novitech Group (NTG) of companies

... achieved by mobilizing and orchestrating the intellectual capital of all employees and partners regardless of their formal role in the company...

...in an open and informal atmosphere...


Improved ecosystem performance

Open inflow of new innovation ideas. Equal opportunity to information access. Improved participation of ecosystem members in projects.

... Bottom line: improved performance of the NTG ecosystem 


 Our Support Services for YOU

  • Presenting your IDEA to members of iZONE ecosystem
  • Monitoring the implementation of your idea (Projects). Recruiting member resources to your project
  • Project focused information access: Project documents, messages and discussions
  • Instant overview about your projects and about new participation opportunities (My Zone)
  • Financial monitoring of Your projects (a restricted subsite of this portal)

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 Innovation events and resources

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London16. 1. 2011 21:0030. 3. 2011 22:00
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TeleDom18. 6. 2012 8:3018. 6. 2012 11:00
18. 7. 2016 14:0018. 7. 2016 15:00
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